A message from the principal - Mr. Burns

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself in the event you have not been made aware of the change in leadership at Dunbar Community School (DCS).   My name is Ken Burns; I am the new Principal of DCS and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our family. Our goal is to continue the rich tradition of the school and strive to make it a viable resource to our community. We truly would like DCS to be a community school in every sense of the word, while striving to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment.  Our staff’s primary focus is to assist students in developing personal and academic goals and related milestones to ensure they’re met; thereby improving overall student achievement. We will also continue to develop procedures and programs for students that strengthen and enhance opportunities for increased student achievement, and success in becoming a resource for the community. We are currently working to get Microsoft Computer Certification and retrieval or E2020 classes placed in the school.

We hope to assist students in developing habits that will foster a smooth transition to the next phase of their career path; college, trade/vocational/technical school, or a job.  However, the most important person in this process is the student. We are soliciting the support of parents/guardians in the education of young adult students, as applicable. Even though they may not acknowledge it, students want and need the support and encouragement of their parents and friends. We encourage everyone to stay actively involved with the school by joining the School Advisory Council (SAC) and/or becoming a school volunteer.  SAC meetings will be held once a month; notices will be sent out prior to the meeting.  It is our task to ensure that every student receive the support they need. Parents are also welcome to visit our campus at any time.

I look forward to partnering with students, parents, zone schools and the community to ensure student success.   You’re encouraged to take time out of your busy schedules to meet with me to discuss the vision for DCS.  I’m looking forward to this new opportunity, my door is always open, and I encourage you to share any suggestions you may have. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Here's to a great year!

Ken Burns, Principal                     

"Have a short memory for mistakes, failures, and behavior slips.  Every person deserves a fresh start each morning."

~Robert Ramsey